Q&A - Stylist Tiahna Cattanach

June 10 2020 – Briannan Bugden

Q&A - Stylist Tiahna Cattanach

Q&A - Stylist Tiahna Cattanach

Tiahna Cattanach

We were lucky enough to sit down with the gorgeous Tiahna for a few moments. Tiahna is a stylist & model from the South Coast. Enjoy getting to know a bit about her!

Name: Tiahna Cattanach

Age: 20

About yourself: Hello! I am just a passionate woman about making people feel great and expressing my creativity through clothes. I currently operate heavy machinery full-time; however, I am moving away from this to focus on modelling, styling and fashion, and I am about to start my Bachelor of creative directing in Sydney! Exciting few things coming up!

What got you into styling: Since I was little I always wanted to be a model, so I started going down the road of fashion. I realised as I got older that I actually not only love clothes, but I also am one to love making people feel great in their own skin. When I started working at General Pants I realised how much of an impact clothing makes on people and the psychology of fashion with people’s reaction to feeling great in themselves, and I am so about that. I also love not just working in front of the camera, but I think there’s a real art in working behind it too.

Describe your personal style: I am definitely a mix of things. I love al things new, old, vintage, denim, leather, lace and linen. I do feel like I take a lot of inspiration from European and American fashion, but all together I’m a bit of a mixture.

Fashion faux pass: Everything is a vibe if you have the confidence to pull it off!

Favourite designers/brands: I love PE Nation, Ksubi, Bassike, Anine Bing and anything vintage.

What piece of item can you not go without? : My denim jeans – they have had a great run.

What are your go to items: Can’t live without a hot pair of denim jeans or a ribbed white top.

5 essentials NEEDED in every wardrobe:

  1. Everyone needs nice basics i.e. Tees, crops, longsleevs etc.


  3. Leather jacket

  4. A dress – midi or mini.

  5. Denim jeans, skirt, shorts (All of these)

Who is your style muse: I love Pip Edwards and ANYONE who uses clothing to express creativity.

Favourite piece of fashion advice: Be and wear what is authentic to you.


You can contact Tiahna for any enquiries below:

(M) 0416 939 070

(E) tiahnacattanach94@gmail.com

(IG) @tiahnacattanach__ @tiahnacattanach.co @kaiothelabel

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